Apala Chaudhuri, PhD

Apala Chaudhuri, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

I obtained my Ph.D. in Chemistry working in the Loria group at Yale University. My thesis work involved the study of the allosteric modulation of the heterodimeric metabolic enzyme IGPS, as a function of temperature and effector-dependent activation. Prior to my graduate studies, I completed my Bachelor’s degree (Chemistry) from Presidency University, Kolkata, and my Master’s degree (Chemistry) from IIT Kanpur, in India.

My research in the Sgourakis lab is focused on investigating the molecular mechanisms associated with peptide binding in the nonclassical MHC-1 molecule, HLA-F, known to regulate immune response. Using a combination of structural tools like solution NMR and other biophysical methods, the conformational landscape for the stabilization and peptide presentation in ternary MHC-I complexes can be delineated, enabling the characterization of TCRs against disease-related epitopes.

Outside the lab, I enjoy dancing, playing badminton, swimming, and greeting every dog I meet.