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Postdoctoral Fellow Position – Structural Biology and Molecular Immunology

An NIH-sponsored postdoctoral fellow position is available in Dr. Nikolaos Sgourakis ‘s lab at the Center for Computational and Genomic Medicine and the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn). The major focus of the laboratory is to investigate the molecular mechanisms of MHC-I antigen processing and presentation, including non-classical MHC molecules, toward clinical translation through the development of targeted therapeutics.

Multiple projects are available: (1) Mechanism-based understanding of peptide exchange on MHC-I through structural biology studies of protein complexes with molecular chaperones, their co-factors and other processing enzymes; (2) exploring the role of chaperones for ligand loading on non-classical MHC molecules; (3) developing and applying high-throughput pMHC tetramer library approaches to characterize polyclonal T cell repertoires involved in infectious diseases, autoimmunity, and cancer; (4) investigating the dynamic properties of pleiotropic cytokines, with the aim to design conformation-selective protein therapeutics.

Recent relevant publications:

  1. Interleukin-2 druggability is modulated by global conformational transitions controlled by a helical capping switch. PNAS. 2020
  2. Molecular determinants of chaperone interactions on MHC-I for folding and antigen repertoire selection. PNAS. 2019
  3. High throughput pMHC-I tetramer library production using chaperone-mediated peptide exchange. Nature Communications. 2020
  4. Peptide exchange on MHC-I by TAPBPR is driven by a negative allostery release cycle. Nature Chemical Biology. 2018

Applications should hold a Ph.D. in Molecular Immunology, Structural Biology, Biophysics, or a related discipline. Students who just received or are expected to receive their degree are encouraged to apply. Experience in either protein crystallography, solution-based NMR spectroscopy, biochemistry, protein engineering, or computational biology/bioinformatics is desired. The position is available for immediate hire, with competitive salary & benefits package.  Applicants should send a Cover letter, CV including research interests, bibliography and contact information for three references to Nik Sgourakis:


The position is funded through an NIH-sponsored R01 project grant to N.G.S.  A competitive salary and benefits package is offered through the CHOP research Institute.


The Sgourakis lab has routine access to state-of-the-art facilities for biomolecular NMR and X-ray crystallography which include a dedicated 600 MHz AvanceNeo system with a TCI cryoprobe (Bruker), and an in-house Oryx crystallization Robot (Douglas Instruments). Complementary in-house biophysical assays include a microcal VP-ITC isothermal titration calorimeter and SpectraMax multi-mode microplate reader for various fluorescence-based detection assays. Additional facilities for AUC, protein crystallography are available the Johnson Foundation Structural Biology and Biophysics Core and for SPR at the Wistar Institute. High-field NMR access is provided through several instruments in the local NMR community.

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