Omar Ani

Omar Ani

MD Student Researcher

I am a medical student at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Prior to medical school, I earned my B.A. in Chemistry and Molecular Biology from Rutgers University. My undergraduate research focused on mathematical modeling of biological systems ranging in size from molecular interactions between proteins in solution to population dynamics of honeybees in a colony. I completed my thesis on modeling the thermodynamics of protein-protein interactions under the guidance of Professor Lawrence Williams.

In the Sgourakis Lab, I am interested in understanding the biophysical principles that underlie protein-protein and protein-antigen interactions in the context of the immune system.  The goal of my project is to develop methods for the computational design of MHC molecules with unique applications in cancer immunotherapy and targeted immunosuppression. 

In my free time, I enjoy cycling along the Schuylkill River and baking using local seasonal ingredients.

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