Chenao Zhang

Chenao Zhang

Undergraduate Research Intern

I’m currently a senior student enrolled at the College of Chemistry, Nankai University, China. Before coming to the Sgourakis Lab, I received research training in organic synthesis under the supervision of Prof. Jun Deng. I also studied the effect of oxidative PTMs on α-synuclein’s structure and aggregation under the supervision of Prof. Gongyu Li, in which I gained much experience in protein mass spectrometry.

I’m deeply fascinated by MHC molecules, including MHC-I-related protein 1 (MR1). I’m working on discovering more cancer metabolites that can act as antigens recognized and presented by MR1, and then further develop immunotherapies through protein de novo design. I hope to not only gain more biophysics and structural biology experimental experience but also develop computational skills like protein structure prediction and protein design.

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