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Postdoctoral Fellow Position – Computational Structural Biology


A computational scientist position at the postdoctoral level is available in the Center for Computational and Genomic Medicine to explore structural aspects of tumor neoantigen presentation. The successful candidate will design and implement machine learning concepts into a specialized software suite, RosettaMHC, previously developed in the Sgourakis lab. The computational modeling results will be used to inform the design of personalized therapeutics to treat pediatric tumors, in collaboration with the lab of Cancer Biologist and Pediatric Oncologist John Maris.


Demonstrated experience in C++  code development is required. Additional experience in Python programming and high-performance computing is favorably considered.

Relevant publications

  1. Cross-HLA targeting of intracellular oncoproteins with peptide-centric CARs. Nature, 2021
  2. Backbone-independent NMR resonance assignments of methyl probes in large proteins. Nature Communications, 2021
  3. A Recurrent mutation in anaplastic lymphoma kinase with distinct neoepitope conformations Frontiers in Immunology, 2018


The position is funded through an NIH-sponsored R01 project grant to N.G.S. A competitive salary and benefits package is offered through the CHOP research Institute.


The Center for Computational and Genomic Medicine at CHOP has routine access to a 90 Node HPC which also include 4 NVIDIA Tesla M60 GPU 16GB GPUs. Combined, the cluster has 12.5TB RAM, 4,496 Cores, and direct access to over 3PB of Network Attached Storage over dedicated 80Gb inter-switch connections. The CHOP Research Institute has a significant investment in a VMware Virtual environment comprised of 50 servers with a total 10 TB of RAM, 1640 GHZ of processing power and 100 Terabytes of disk space. At present, nearly all CHOP computing resources are institutionally funded and provided to researchers without charge.

Apply by sending CV, names of three references and a brief letter stating career goals to:

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